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Please stay tuned for updates as we approach the 2020-21 school year.  Currently there are a lot of concerns with COVID-19.  Here are some resources as you prepare for the future and for your students to return to school:

School Nurses

Name Title Primary Phone Office
Office Phone
Michael Anderson Associate Superintendent 801-567-8186 District Office 801-567-8100
Nadine Page Administrative Assistant 801-567-8186 District Office 801-567-8100
RaeAnna Kirk Team Leader 801-419-2906 Jordan Hills Elem 801-280-0238
Amanda Hehr Nurse 385-256-6200 Antelope Canyon Elem 801-567-8950
Carrie Orfanos Nurse 801-580-9858 Valley HS 801-572-7035
Julie Young
Nurse 385-266-5191 Elk Meadows Elem 801-446-3200
Katie Porter Nurse 801-557-2651 Daybreak Elem 801-302-0553
Michelle Hansen
Nurse 385-215-6289 Golden Fields Elem 801-567-8910
Melanie Breeze
Nurse 385-215-4312 Hayden Peak Elem 801-280-0722
Monica Michaud Nurse 801-301-6402 Majestic Elem 801-565-7458
Nina Ung Nurse 801-580-6352 Blackridge Elem 801-254-0326
Rachel Pommerening Nurse 385-256-6199 Fox Hollow Elem 801-282-1818
Sarah Roper Nurse 385-256-6198 Bluffdale Elem 801-254-8090
Saundie Francom Nurse 801-597-3997 Silver Crest Elem 801-253-1034
Shonell Green Nurse 801-232-9820 Welby Elem 801-280-1456

Special Education Nurses

Name Title Primary Phone Office
Office Phone
Rachael Day
Special Ed. Nurse 385-249-0001 Elk Ridge MS 801-412-2800
Traci Hardell Special Ed. Nurse 801-673-9820 South Valley 801-565-7592
Kimberly Patterson Special Ed. Nurse 801-889-8949 Mtn. Ridge HS 801-412-1700
Kristianne Simon Special Ed. Nurse 801-232-9822 South Jordan MS 801-412-2900

Jordan School District nurses advocate, facilitate and improve the health, safety and well being of students and staff by providing the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to support a safe and healthy learning environment by educating coordinating and implementing effective strategies within the school community which leads to a positive academic outcome.